Environmentally Conscious

Trophy Junction's environmental consciousness programmes

How much environmental impact do your trophies have?

Is your current trophy supplier concerned about the environment?

Isn't that what all companies should be doing?

Here at Trophy Junction we care for the planet. We know our day to day activities do affect the environment, so we have policies in place to reduce this impact as much as possible.

How we make a difference:

We have an in-house policy to re-use A4 white paper. If one side is blank, we keep this for any internal print-outs or scribblings. All scrap A4 paper is put through our shredding machine and used as packing material.
We chose to do this rather than recycle the paper as it means we have eliminated 95% of bubblewrap from our packing process. So even if our client throws the paper away, it has a much shorter life in a landfill than bubblewrap! Plus earthworms can eat paper and turn it into compost in the ground.

We have different dustbins for metal and glass, paper, plastic and electronic scrap.
These are then recycled every one or two weeks. Paper is collected by Mondi's kerbside program. Plastic and metal (and any electronic scrap, toners or fluorescent tubes) we take ourselves to a local collection point.
Any organic waste (which is very little) is added to our compost heap and used in the garden.

We have also instructed all our suppliers to send us email invoices rather than posting them to our post office box. This reduces the need for trucks to drive the invoice from supplier to us.
At first this was very difficult - even our bank couldn't send some documents by emails.
Thankfully this is now at 99% success thanks to modern technology!

Least Impact Disposal
The chemicals we use on site (such as methylated spirits and thinners) that remain at the end of use are burnt or used to start fires in winter. This we believe is better than having them disposed of in a landfill site or down the drain which will poison the soil or water in the area.


Our upstairs office space (100 square meters) had a roof makeover.
The whole ceiling space was insulated with the thickest Isotherm insulation (145mm thick!), eliminating the need for air conditioning in summer and drastically reducing the amount of heating needed in winter. Most winter days we don't even need heaters.
On top of this, the entire flat roof has been painted white to reflect the sun in the same way the ice and snow at the poles does. It's like a mini ice sheet reflecting some sunlight back into space.

Our downstairs engraving workshop has had a motion sensor fitted to the lighting.
This workshop is not occupied all the time, and we found the lights were being left on quite often with no one in the room.
This motion sensor means the lights will switch off after 2 minutes of no motion in the room.
At 464 watts an hour, we reckon we save at least 2 kWh per day (which is the same as 2 kilograms of CO2 emissions we save PER DAY or 440kg of CO2 per year!

Our upstairs workshop fluorescent lights have been converted to LED tubes.
This means a reduction from 58w per tube to 22 watts per tube (there are four tubes).
So for 6 hours they are used per day, we've shaved off another 864 watts. In other words, another 190kg of CO2 we don't put into the air with no change to how we operate.

We hope this inspires you and shows that it is possible for any business to care for the environment in any way, and to put pressure on other companies to do the same thing.

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