Frequently asked questions from our customers

Can you remove engraving on a trophy and replace it?
This depends on the type of trophy and the cost involved.

Glass trophies can't be salvaged.
Silver cups with engraving on the cup can be refurbished, but often the costs involved make it more expensive than just starting again with a new cup.

Trophies with plaques stuck onto them are the easiest to re-purpose. The plaques can easily be changed to have the new engraving on them.
Call or email us if you need more assistance in deciding.

How do I clean my trophy?
It depends on the type of trophy you have, so here are some guides:

Firstly the engraved plaques on most trophies can be cleaned with soap and water or methylated spirits EXCEPT for silver plated or brass plaques (these will turn brown/black with tarnish. See below for Doctor's plaques in brass.)
The standard aluminium and lasered plastic plaques can all be cleaned with methylated spirits, but don't get any onto the trophy itself.

Glass can be cleaned with a spray bottle of vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 3 parts water). Spray onto the glass and clean with a soft cloth or kitchen towel. Be careful of any engraved or sandblasted areas, they may be damaged.

Wood trophies can be wiped down with a damp cloth or maybe a cloth with a small amount of multi-surface furniture polish. Don't use methylated spirits or any abrasives on wood.

Aluminium trophies can be cleaned with soap and water or methylated spirits and a soft cloth. Don't use aluminium cleaner or polish for silver cups.

Silver cups should be cleaned with a standard silver cleaning polish like Silvo. Use a soft cloth, place it against the opening of the polish bottle and wet the cloth. Then use this cloth to wipe a thin layer of polish onto the silver plated cup. Leave the polish to stand for 5minutes, then buff off. It will polish up easily if left to dry first.

Plastic gold or silver trophies (sports figures, cups, columns or similar) should also be cleaned with a damp cloth. Don't use methylated spirits or other chemicals as they may strip the gold off or turn it silver.

If you're not sure about how to clean your trophy, you are welcome to book your trophy in with us for cleaning at a nominal cost (depends on trophy height, size and what it's made of).

How do I clean my outdoor Doctor's plaque
Many of the traditional doctor's plaques were made in brass and sealed with lacquer (lettering painted with black paint).
These shouldn't tarnish unless they have had the lacquer stripped off already.
In this case they should be brought back to us for refurbishing and resealing.

Newer doctor's plaques are more likely made from laserable materials and can be wiped with soap and water or methylated spirits on a soft cloth.
Be careful not to wipe dust and grit across the plaque as it will scratch the plaque.

How much does it cost to engrave my trophy?
Prices can change at times, but at the moment we charge R100 to engrave your own trophy with a winner's name and year. We don't charge per letter or per line, just for the complete job.
We use good machines, tools and processes to make sure that you get a quality end result when we engrave your trophy.

Are trophies recyclable? Can medals be recycled?
Yes, some trophies can be recycled.

Before recycling your trophy, you can consider donating your trophies to a charity or children's sports club to re-use. This is a better use of resources.

Trophies made from metal are worth the most in terms of scrap value - ask your local scrap metal dealer for prices on the metals you have.

The black plinth bases on most silver cups can't be recycled as they are made from bakelite or a similar material. These will end up in a landfill unfortunately.

Standard glass trophies are recyclable, but crystal glass trophies aren't - however you may find eventually that someone does find a way to recycle these.

Plastic trophy components are recyclable in some cases. You'll need to ask your local recycling depot if they can recycle them.

Medals are recyclable as they are metal, but the ribbons/lanyards attached aren't currently recycled.
If you have a lot of medals, there may be some scrap value in the metal. Speak to your local scrap metal dealer.

Do you buy old trophies or medals?
Unfortunately we don't buy old trophies or medals as there is no re-sale value in these.

Rather donate your trophies to charity or recycle them if you no longer want them.
Any metals may be worth some money at a scrap dealer.


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